Happy IMport Wizard customers

Daniel Esquivel- Consultant


Medical Software Tools worked on an Import Wizard project for my client in 2012. This project was particularly challenging as the scope was not clear and he was trying to integrate Medisoft with another software product whose vendor was not very responsive. Mark was able to successfully deliver a great product despite these challenges and was a pleasure to work with. I hope we can work together again in the future.

Mark Spiceland- Shift Manager, Center for Sleep


 The Center for Sleep started using Import Wizard back in 2013 to import our billing data into Medisoft from our Natus Embla Enterprise sleep system software. Import Wizard gives us the ability to import data into multiple databases and saves us a substantial amount of labor as we don’t have to rekey data which enables us to spend more time helping our patients. Medical Software Tools has been very responsive in supporting the Import Wizard over the years and we continue to be very pleased with our decision to use it.

Harry Selent- Owner, Computerized Business Systems


We have known Mark for over 10 years and he has always done a good job for our folks. The Import Wizard makes it possible for our customers to import billing data directly into Medisoft from a variety of products and platforms including EMR, LIS, RIS, HIS and other systems.

Our customers love Import Wizard because it eliminates duplicate data entry. If you are interested in purchasing Medisoft you can check us out at https://www.medicalbillingsoftware.com