Installing and running the Import Wizard is EASY!

Medical Software Tools has an automated Medisoft® data import utility that allows you to import data into the Medisoft database. This IMPORT WIZARD utility allows you to import data from a standard comma delimited ASCII format or Comma Separated Values (CSV files) into Medisoft.

While the IMPORT WIZARD works great for a one time data migration from another billing system to Medisoft you can use it as often as you like. If you have data that you need to import to Medisoft on a regular basis then IMPORT WIZARD is perfect for you. IMPORT WIZARD Plus even creates cases in Medisoft from your Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Hospital Information System (HIS) or Scheduling software. Why duplicate data entry?

If you can get the data you want to import into a Comma Separated Values (CSV) format (many softwares will export data natively to a CSV or you may be able to use a third party reporting software) you can import it into Medisoft with IMPORT WIZARD.

If you don't have the ability to manipulate the data you need to have imported, we can create a customized map file that will read the data you want to import. Just send us a sample of what you have and we can quote a price to create a customized map file, the cost is typically very reasonable.

Download Import Wizard and use the Test Drive right now, no waiting, no purchase, try it for free!


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Import Wizard Test Drive

Test Drive the IMPORT WIZARD right now… If you would like to have a better idea of how the IMPORT WIZARD works you can download our Tech Note on running the IMPORT WIZARD. For instructions on installing the IMPORT WIZARD (including installing the IMPORT WIZARD “test drive” select the proper download below.

DEMO The IMPORT WIZARD!  Click here 

if you want to download the IMPORT WIZARD. To run the IMPORT WIZARD in demo mode you can enter the Activation Key of:"TUTORIAL DB ONLY"This demo mode will only allow you to import data to the Medisoft Tutorial database. The demo mode provides you the opportunity to “test drive” IMPORT WIZARD or test output file formats that you are developing for export from third party software to be imported to Medisoft. You can use the sample import files with the demo or create your own import files.  


Format Files , Sample Input Files and Tech Notes


If you want to perform your own data conversions and have the technical ability to manipulate the data that you want to import then check out the import file specifications for IMPORT WIZARD by clicking on one of the links below: