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Data Conversion to Medisoft...

IMPORT WIZARD is a powerful Medisoft data import tool. If you need a data import to medical billing software than IMPORT WIZARD is the solution you are looking for. Medisoft is a great product, but what if you are new to Medisoft and your data currently resides in a different software? Often our customers need to migrate data from one medical software  product to another. Medical Software Tools specializes in providing an off the shelf tool called IMPORT WIZARD which allows you to import data into Medisoft. You can use the IMPORT WIZARD to import your data once, or many times as needed.

Data conversions can be performed from a variety of products including Lytec®, AP Easy®, Exscribe®, Braintree®, Renaissance®, RamSoft®,  Natus Embla Enterprise® and a host of other systems. Best of all you can import data to Medisoft from a CSV or HL7 file.

Often times our customers have a need to import data from an off-site system into Medisoft. You can import data to Medisoft from an Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software, Electronic Health Record (EHR), a Hospital Information System (HIS), a Laboratory Information System (LIS) or a scheduling software.

Some of our IMPORT WIZARD customers are billing companies whose clients output data from an external system (typically a Hospital Information System or an Electronic Medical Record) in an HL7 or ASCII format and the billing company needs to be able to import that billing data into Medisoft on a regular basis.


How the IMPORT WIZARD can help you...

While the IMPORT WIZARD works great for a one time Medisoft data import from another billing  or clinical system to Medisoft, you can use it as many times, as often as you like. If you have data that you need to import to Medisoft on a regular basis then IMPORT WIZARD is perfect for you. IMPORT WIZARD Plus CASES even creates cases in Medisoft from your Electronic Medical Records (EMR), Hospital Information System (HIS) or Scheduling software. Why duplicate data entry?

If you can get the data you want to import into a Comma Separated Values (CSV) format (many softwares will export data natively to a CSV or you may be able to use a third party reporting software) you can import it into Medisoft.

If you don't have the ability to manipulate the data you need to have imported we can create a customized map file that will read the data you want to import. Just send us a sample of what you have and we can quote a price to create a customized map file, the cost is typically very reasonable.