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ReminderPro 2.0 Features *

Voice Recognition In addition to pressing touch tones, persons called can say their choices. I.E. "To hear this message, press or say 3 now". This feature is available on all messages used in ReminderPro and in all versions.
Powerful new Message Maker Lets you build customized messages that can include additional information such as directions to your office, new products or services offered, special instructions and more.
Customized touch-tone response options provide detailed reports and telephone survey capability

Assign up to 10 different touch-tone response options. "Status∂ option allows you to assign reportable custom Call Status results to any or all touch-tone numbers. "Jump∂ option allows people to use their touch-tone phone to access to a variety of additional messages, if desired both of these touch-tone response options allow you to create message "trees" and conduct telephone surveys automatically.

Complete call session archives

Call session reports are archived and can be printed for any date range.

Completely automatable operations

 Automatic daily data import
 Automatic generation and activation of daily call sessions with customized calling times for each day
 Automatic daily delivery of email messages

Advanced System Security

System Security options allow you to restrict or limit access to ReminderPro, helping prevent unauthorized setup changes and maintain HIPAA compliance.

Industry standard technologies provide unparalleled compatibility and call handling

The finest hardware available (such as Intel voice boards), coupled with Microsoft's TAPI standard, ensures exceptional accuracy in message delivery, excellent  voice quality and future compatibility. Handles virtually any type of telephone response - fax machines, operator messages, answering machines and more.

Enhanced name pronunciation options

Record names in your own voice, use "you" for unrecorded names, access the prerecorded library of over 38,000 names, or allow the built-in text-to-speech option to pronounce names automatically.  

Detailed family messages Can combine duplicate calls to a single household and include appointment details for each person.
Unlimited language/dialect capabilities

All messages, greetings and phrases can be recorded in as many languages (or dialects) as you require. Perfect for matching demographics with messages.

Works with standard phone systems - no separate phone required

Connect to ReminderPro easily from your existing telephone to record, playback or change greetings, names and message elements.

Guaranteed compatibility with quality schedulers, databases and management software

Custom Data Import program safely transfers data into ReminderPro from your scheduler or management software and schedules personalized calls automatically.

ReminderPro Enterprise provides a single low-cost solution for multiple locations Purchase of low-cost Multi-Site Utility for each additional location provides remote access to incoming messages as well as automated reporting to each location via fax or email

* Some features are only available with certain ReminderPro models.

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Save Money with our Bundles!
Save Money with our Bundles!
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Custom Pricing and Quotes








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