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ReminderPro is an appointment call reminder software

Clinical Studies

National rates of missed appointments are variously calculated to be from 10% to over 30%.  Even the low end of this spectrum represents a substantial impact on income, office efficiency, and the opportunities associated with preventive services.
Efforts to reduce those rates and thus improve overall health of Americans nurse giving immunization shot include clinical trials testing the effectiveness of various methods to reduce appointment "no-shows." 
The results of studies proved that computer generated calls not only raise kept appointment rates, use of the technology significantly boosts preventive healthcare efforts and streamlines productivity, relieving staff from routine calls. ReminderPro continues to be a part of independent studies demonstrating the effectiveness of automated calling technology.

The studies cited below reinforce the conclusion that consistent communication between providers and patients is a major key to improving national health rates.

The CDC Pilot Studies of Automated Calling Technology

baby faceStudies conducted in Georgia and Colorado by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention focused on the use of automated reminder/recall systems to establish reliable methods of significantly raising immunization rates for children nationwide.
The results were dramatic:

Composite kept appointment rates for children whose parents received the automated reminder were 59% compared to 33% for children of parents who did not receive reminders, a jump of 81%.

Documented Receptiveness to Automated Calling Technology

Importantly, studies have verified an overwhelmingly positive response to this technology. From a report on the survey that followed a study of the impact of computer-generated phone calls on immunization rates in Denver, Colorado:

"The 10% random sample of parents who received telephone calls revealed an almost unanimous approval of the calls. Of those expressing an opinion, 199 of 200 (99.5%) expressed a positive opinion about the phone calls. In addition, parents continue to express statements of appreciation about receiving automated telephone notifications, even after four or more scheduled immunization events."      

happy call recipient Immunization had the highest improvement, with a 183% increase in kept-appointment rates.

From an unpublished manuscript by Eugene F. Dini, MPA, National Immunization Program, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Atlanta, Georgia 

Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine

"Effectiveness of Computer Generated Telephone Messages in Increasing Clinic Visits"

"Computer-generated telephone reminders might make ˘Ernestine╣ nervous, but they sure seem to work..."  
Editor Catherine D. DeAngelis, MD 

Objective:  To evaluate the effectiveness of computer-generated telephone reminder calls in increasing kept appointment rates in a public health setting. 

Design: Randomized controlled trial. 

"The importance of reminder/recall systems designed to keep children in the health care provision system was recently stressed by the National Vaccine Advisory Committee. While systems using letters, postcards, personal phone calls, and home visits have been associated with improved clinic attendance,  the high costs for materials and labor associated with these reminder/recall systems have often prevented their widespreNurse giving a shot to use by state and local health departments and private practitioners. Several recent evaluations have suggested that computer-generated telephone messages may provide an inexpensive, labor-saving method of improving adult and childhood immunization clinic attendance."    

Conclusion: These results suggest a simple and effective method to increase kept appointment rates in a variety of public health programs.
(From Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med, volume 149, Aug 1995, by Eugene F. Dini, MPA; Robert W. Linkins, MPH,PhD; Michael Chaney)

"A Randomized Trial of the Effectiveness of Computer Generated Telephone Messages in Increasing Immunization Visits Among Preschool Children"

Intervention:  Households of children were randomized to receive or not receive a general or vaccine specific computer generated telephone reminder or recall message the day before the child was due, or immediately after randomization if the child was late.

Of the 4636 children whose households were randomized to receive a message, 1684 (36.3%) visited the health department within 30 days compared with 955 (28.4%) of the 3366 children whose households were not contacted. Immunization visits were more frequent (41.1%) among the 3257 children whose households actually received the message. Improvement in immunization visits was similar for general and specific messages, and the greatest for children who were late for the third dose...
(From Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med, volune 148,Sept 1994, by Robert W. Linkins, PhD, Eugene F. Dini, MPA; Grace Watson; Peter A. Patriarca, MD)

American Journal of Public Health 

"Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening in a Low-Income Managed Care Settings

Preventive Health Efforts for Young Women Abstract: A randomized trial was conducted to evaluate the combined impact of a physician reminder letter and a telephone contact on the use of Pap tests and mammograms in a low-income managed


The odds of receiving all needed cancer screening tests during follow-up were four times higher in the intervention group.
(From June 1995, Vol. 85, No. 6, by Paula M. Lanz, PhD, Debra Stencil, RN, MaryAnn T. Lippert, MS, Sarah Beversdorf, MSW, MPH, Linda Jaros, and Patrick L. Remington, MD, MPH)

Arizona State Immunization Information System (ASIIS)

With ReminderPro, this low cost, high tech solution has had a major impact on children's health
Introduction: Personal telephone calls or postcard reminders have traditionally been used by childhood immunization programs to provide notices to parents that immunizations are due. The Pima County Health Department sought to explore other means to improve immunization rates. Preliminary research indicated that auto-dialers provided an effective and relatively inexpensive way to improve immunization rates. It is believed that auto-dialers can increase the patient "show rate" as well as reduce the cost of using other contact methods, such as appointment reminder letters or The $800 investment in an auto-dialer can be very cost-effective, especially for organizations that rely heavily upon staff time to conduct monthly reminder recall efforts. This is especially true in instances in which phone calls are being made individually by a staff person to remind parents of the need for upcoming immunizations. Using an autodialer instead, for this kind of an approach, is extremely cost effective and efficient. 

The autodialer provides a high level of customer service which can positively influence the recipients╣ perception of the professionalism and organization of the agency placing the call.

(From "Testing an Automated Reminder/Recall System to Improve Immunization Rates: Results of a Pilot Project" - ASIIS)

Lydia Robinson, City of Austin reported that "ReminderPro raised our immunization rate 37% and is helping us get ready to meet immunization goals for the year 2000. ReminderPro was a good tool to get our clerks ready for using computers because many didn't have computer skills. ReminderPro is an easy product to use and very effective."         


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