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Read what ReminderPro users say about its benefits:

"It's efficient and saves an enormous amount of staff time. People appreciate being called for appointments. Your product is service-oriented and your support is service-oriented."
Administrator Leigh Anne Thrasher, Sunnyside MediCenter

"We can call by different sorts, any possible data or sort field that we have. [JulySoft's technicians] were able to adapt ReminderPro to us and to our needs. After talking with the guys at JulySoft we worked it all out. The technicians were a great help."
Tripper Sharp, Campaign Manager, U.S. Congressman

"Since installing ReminderPro, on some days, we have a zero percent no-show rate."
Gail Randolph, Mariposa Community Health Center

Benefit - Retaining Current Patient Base:
One health care study estimated it cost $14K in company resources to attract and retain a patient long enough to realize a return. Increased services can make the crucial difference.
Benefit - Increased Productivity:
Another facility interviewed by Straub reported effectively handling 55% more phone traffic than before implementing their new telephony systems.
Benefit - Increased Revenue:
Community health center reduces no-shows, saves staff time and reaches bilingual patient base using JulySoft's ReminderPro calling system.

June 1996: Computer Brings in Dozens of "Missing" Patients
by Gary Saretsky, PhD, " What's Working in Dental Practice Building," published by Practice Builder Association (714-253-7900). Even a modestly active practice can benefit from automated calling technology. Saretsky tells you why and how.
"Conservatively, even a few missed appointments can quickly top $5,000 in lost revenue each month. Maybe more....Even a modestly active practice should be able to benefit from the use of this leading-edge technology."

Sept/Oct 1997: Bottom Line Computer Connections:
How to improve communications with "messages on hold" and computer-based calling systems. By Janice Williams, September/October 1997 InPRACTICE, published by InPRACTICE Publications, Inc.
"Start with the Bottom Line. If you really want to increase your productivity in a hurry, you might look into a patient communication system geared to reminder/recall. Missed appointments on a national level have been variously computed at 10-35%, a healthy slice of any pie."

July/August 1997: Automated Phone Systems Can Eliminate No Shows
(Includes "Before You Buy" Guide)
by Janice Williams, Chiropractic Economics, pages 70-72, published by the Doyle Group (904-285-6028). An overview of automated calling systems, including a helpful list of questions to ask when making a purchasing decision.
"Some private practice and group practice users of this technology reports drops in missed appointments of up to 60% or more within a month of employing a reminder / recall system. Even this very tangible benefit could be only the beginning for the creative chiropractor. With a few technological adjustments, you can keep up with the times while you keep up with your patients."

January 1996: Recalling Patients With Computerized Phone Calls
by Donna Lepley, V.P., Lepley Electronics, Inc. January 1996 issue of Today's Chiropractic, pages 84-87, published by Life College (770-499-9824).
"Considering the rising costs of mailing postcards and the costs involved with 'no-shows', an appointment confirmation system could be your best call. "With an appointment confirmation system, the staff programs the computer to call patients during certain hours (for example, between 7 and 9 p.m.) and simply walks away."


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Custom Pricing and Quotes
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