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Why is Database Synchronization so important?"

While ASP models offer remote access to your database over a dial-up, MediNotes e users can have full access to their entire database anywhere - without a dial-up connection. Your MediNotes e database can be cloned for remote users. Periodically the data can be synched with the main server to ensure that data is available on all of the practices databases.

  • Laptops/Tablet PC's
    Synchronization allows you to take a mobile computer away from the network and gives you the ability to see patients and create medical charts in hospitals, nursing homes, or other clinics on your laptop or other mobile PC.
  • Multiple Office Practice
    Synchronization can keep information flowing between separate databases at multiple locations.
  • Mobile Accessibility
    Synchronization provides a way to access patient information while you are away from the office. This is essential for on-call rotations and emergencies.

"How is information Synchronized?"
Auto-synch can be used for mobile units that are not run wirelessly. These units can be dropped into docking stations and synched over the network by setting auto-synch to run on a timed interval (i.e. 5 minutes). This method of synch is completely automatic and provides a nearly real-time feel when used correctly.

"Is it easy to use?"
The MediNotes e Auto-synch Module is an additional feature to the popular synchronization module. It now completely automates the synchronization process. After it is installed and configured, the Auto-synch utility searches for remote machines at the configured time interval.

When the remote machine is away from the network, Auto-synch sits idle. As soon as the remote machine is connected to the office network, Auto-synch begins cycling to synchronize the database information.

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