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MediNotes RX

MediNotes Report

Simply the Right Choice
MediNotes Rx is based on the award winning Rcopia system from DrFirst. Rcopia has won many awards including the 2004/2005 Top Honors at TEPR, 2005 3G A-List Qualcomm Award, 2005 Frost & Sullivan "Technology of the Year" award, and is endorsed and supported by the Massachusetts and Delaware Medical Societies. The Rcopia functionality has been completely integrated into MediNotes e™, leaving an uncluttered interface that is completely consistent with the rest of the program.

Reasons to consider MediNotes Rx:
Formularies - The ability to check medications against your patient’s formularies improves care plan compliance and ensures that your patient is receiving the best value.
Drug/Drug and Drug/Allergy interaction checking - Real-time checking at the point-of-care ensures that patients are prescribed the proper medications giving their known medical history.
Virtually eliminate pharmacy callbacks - Medications prescribed through MediNotes Rx are immediately available to pharmacists and completely legible.
Full connectivity with SureScripts and RxHub - Ensuring accurate and timely information exchanges between your patients and their choice of pharmacies.

Powerful Results
Patient Safety - The key to patient safety hinges on real-time accessibility of information. MediNotes Rx ensures that you are connected to the most up to date drug interaction information available.
Better Patient Care - MediNotes Rx will inform the prescriber if the medication is not available in the patient’s formulary. This real-time access the available drug lists keeps the cost to the patient down which directly influences whether they follow with the suggested care plan or not.
Increased Efficiency -Once your prescription has been submitted, the process is complete. No need to file the prescription information. It is already electronically stored in the database.

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Download a FREE Medisoft Demo
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Custom Pricing and Quotes
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